Candidate Selection Criteria

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Evaluating Candidates

Once interviews are completed, most employers will seek input from all parties who have encountered candidates during the interview process.

Keep in mind that even seemingly lower level employees like administrative assistants who greeted you and set up your interview day may be asked for their impressions. Treat everyone respectfully and be your best professional self at all times, including your prospective colleagues.

Of course, it is hard to anticipate what each employer will be looking for as they make final decisions about candidates, but it is useful to consider some common factors.


Selection Criteria Used By Employers

Here are some criteria employers frequently use when they decide which candidate to hire:

  • Would the individual fit in with the colleagues in their department?
  • Does the candidate have an appealing personality? Would we enjoy working with her/him?
  • Does the candidate possess the skills necessary to excel in the job?
  • Does the individual have the appropriate depth and type of prior experience?
  • Does the candidate have the technical proficiency to get the job done?
  • Does the candidate possess the licenses and/or certificates required for the job?
  • Does the candidate have the knowledge, expertise and information base to effectively carry out the job?
  • Does the candidate have the required academic background?
  • Does the candidate have a positive, “can do” attitude?
  • Does the candidate have a strong work ethic and a high energy level?
  • Does the candidate have the confidence and experience to be a leader?
  • Would the candidate be a good team player?
  • Does the candidate have good communication skills?
  • Is the candidate a good long term prospect to fill higher level jobs?
  • Is the candidate likely to stay in the position for a long enough period? Will he/she be happy in the role?  Is he/she overqualified?
  • Does the individual fit in with the corporate culture?
  • Can the candidate cope with the pressures and stress of the job?
  • How enthusiastic is the candidate about the job?
  • Can the candidate innovate, think outside the box, and creatively meet challenges?
  • Is the individual aware of their weaknesses, comfortable with constructive criticism and motivated to improve themselves?

and much more.

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