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Tips to make your profile stand out

Whether you are a final year student or a fresh graduate, is a great way to showcase your skills and connect with professionals and explore job possibilities. Here are some tips to get your profile ready and make it stand out to attract potential employers.


Tip #1: Upload an appropriate photo

Find or take a high-resolution photo of yourself. It could be very easily taken with your mobile phone. Wear smart and stand in front of a plain background and put on your best smile!


Tip #2: Update your profile

Fill up all sections of the profile and make it clear and detailed. A detailed profile is stronger because it provides your potential employers with a comprehensive view and impression of who you are.

It is important to regularly update your profile because you never know who is viewing your profile and when they might be searching for a prospective employee.

Your profile, resume and CV will be available to the recruiter once you apply on a specific job vacancy.


Tip #3: Add a resume to your profile

With the introduction of a ‘professional resume’ by, you can now easily show visual content on your resume to demonstrate your capabilities more than what CVs ever could. Instead of telling potential employers what you can do, display your work and let it speak for itself. But make sure you are allowed to show the information publically and any confidential materials should be excluded.

Your profile, resume and CV will be available to the recruiter once you apply on a specific job vacancy.


Tip #4: Follow up

If you are genuinely suitable for a role (i.e., you have proven experience in the majority of the required criteria), a follow-up email through the contact form provided on the job portal to the relevant recruiter can go a long way to support your application.

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